Science Summary

Focusing on positive emotion will create an upward spiral that enhances your wellbeing. Evidence for this effect has been the basis of the growth in ‘positive psychology’ [1]. The more you train with Emotion exercises, the more you will be able to automatically tune in to positive emotion cues. It will then becomes a ‘habit’ in your life that optimizes your emotional wellbeing [1,2].

1. Huppert FA et al. (2005). The science of well-being. Oxford University Press.

2. Fredrickson BL (2000). Cultivating positive emotions to optimize health and well-being. Prevention & Treatment, 31, 1-25.

Self Regulation Skills
Positivity-Negativity Bias


Social Capacity

Feeling Skills
Stress Level

Anxiety Level

Depressed Mood Level

Emotion Skills
Identifying Emotions

Emotion Bias

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