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Males v Females: Brain Differences

Given the saying ‘men are from mars and women are from Venus’, we’d expect to see substantial differences in the structure and function of female and male brains.  In fact, the brains of women  ...


Strengthing Your Muscle of Self Control

You make thousands of decisions throughout your day: get up or snooze?  Stairs or elevator?  Cookie or apple? Gym or early night home? Making healthy decisions is much easier said than done.  Whe ...


The Secret of Optimists

It now seems clear that there is a reason why some people are more stressed than others and the secret lies in a single word. Optimism. In fact new research shows that the optimists amongst us deal mu ...


Skip the cake? Self-regulation processes in the brain explained

Competition between two brain regions influences the ability to make healthy choices. Almost everyone knows the feeling: you see a delicious piece of chocolate cake on the table, but as you grab your  ...


Linking emotion, perception and memory

Memories are funny things. Sometimes we can remember every detail of an event that happened years ago, while at other times we forget what we did just last weekend. Scientists are continuing to examin ...


What you gain by training your brain

Short-term mindfulness meditation can physically alter the connections in your brain. And according to the authors of a recent study, these results “…could provide a means for intervention to impr ...


A face in the crowd

What helps you spot a face in the crowd? Research suggests that it’s an angry or emotional face we tend to register first. A recent study takes it even further suggesting that whether smiling or gri ...


The plastic brain: Behavior is modified by experience

Neuroscience has demonstrated that the brain changes, for better or worse, and that brain “plasticity” can be evaluated. Stress, for example, can physically alter not only the connections between  ...


Mediterranean diet and brain health

We have all heard about the Mediterranean diet being heart-healthy, but it may also be good for your brain. Recently published research in the Archives of Neurology found that people who eat a Mediter ...


Creativity and reasoning during decision-making

Our ability to adapt to our environment often relies on considering multiple behavioral strategies and potentially creating a new strategy to succeed. The frontal lobes of our brains, which make execu ...


Eat less, think better, live longer

Eating less triggers activation of a molecule that helps keep the brain from aging. Italian scientists led by Giovambattista Pani at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome, found that calorie ...


AAP Expands Ages for Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD in Children

Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) describe updated information on diagnosing and treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in younger children and in adolescents. ...