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Strengthing Your Muscle of Self Control

You make thousands of decisions throughout your day: get up or snooze?  Stairs or elevator?  Cookie or apple? Gym or early night home? Making healthy decisions is much easier said than done.  Whe ...


The Secret of Optimists

It now seems clear that there is a reason why some people are more stressed than others and the secret lies in a single word. Optimism. In fact new research shows that the optimists amongst us deal mu ...


Negative Thinking: Necessary for Survival; Limiting for Success

Falling into a rut of negative thinking has enormous flow on consequences to many parts of your life. It can impact your personal life and how you interact with your self and others, and can significa ...


The Power of Your Positive Brain

You can challenge your negative thinking. Positive feelings enhance your wellbeing and happiness, yet we naturally tune in more to negative than positive feelings. That’s just the way our brains ...


Depression Intervention

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named depression the number one cause of disability in the world, in terms of years lived with disability (YLDs). According to Ricardo Muñoz, PhD, in the dep ...


The plastic brain: Behavior is modified by experience

Neuroscience has demonstrated that the brain changes, for better or worse, and that brain “plasticity” can be evaluated. Stress, for example, can physically alter not only the connections between  ...


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While the importance of physical exercise is widely understood, numerous studies have shown that there is a strong link between a healthy brain and one’s overal ...


The heart’s content: Positive feelings may protect heart health

Let’s discuss the heart and brain connection. Numerous studies have shown that “negative” emotional states, such as anxiety, depression, and anger can affect cardiovascular health in a (you  ...


Your Zone of Peak Performance

Do you perform at your peak? Do you know how to get into your zone of peak performance? In this latest webinar from Dr. Evian Gordon, learn how you can find and maintain your Zone of Peak Performance  ...


Know your feelings and nudge them in a positive direction

Feelings are the subjective experience of your Emotions. What you Feel is the conscious awareness of your increase in heart rate, sweat rate and breathing. These can be readily trained to be most ef ...


Keeping (Positive) New Year’s Resolutions

We are early in 2012, so our New Year’s resolutions must still be resolute, right? Are you standing strong? Resolutions are our time-honored tradition to try and do something no less than life-c ...


Your Positive Brain

There are multiple successful strategies to think positively.  They range from a psychological to a spiritual point of view. Martin Seligman highlights the importance of focusing on your natural stre ...