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BR Team

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Laugh more, stretch, quiet the mind

Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell at TEDMED 2011. Laugh more, stretch, quiet the mind. The spoken-word artists do an inspiring, fiery riff on how to get and stay healthy, and how our own good health ins ...


Your Zone of Peak Performance

Do you perform at your peak? Do you know how to get into your zone of peak performance? In this latest webinar from Dr. Evian Gordon, learn how you can find and maintain your Zone of Peak Performance  ...


Know your feelings and nudge them in a positive direction

Feelings are the subjective experience of your Emotions. What you Feel is the conscious awareness of your increase in heart rate, sweat rate and breathing. These can be readily trained to be most ef ...


Boost your emotional effectiveness

Emotions are your non-conscious automatic reaction to “Cues” generated in 1/5th of a second. The most obvious examples of “Cues” are in people’s Faces (pupil dilation ...


Brain-based eating, exercise and sleep

Do you eat, exercise and sleep in ways that boost your brain? Eat: It’s not only “What” you eat that matters (the right protein-carb-fat balance), but “Why” (stress) and  ...


Master Your Stress

Stress Mastery requires you to Know your brain and Train new brain habits by regulating how four underpinning key processes of Thinking, Emotion, Feeling and Regulation affect you. Your brain’s 85 b ...


Boost Your Focus

We know that the brain’s ability to focus is capacity limited. When you listen, it puts a brake on how much you can see and do at the same time. That’s the reason why many people struggle to comp ...


Your Positive Brain

There are multiple successful strategies to think positively.  They range from a psychological to a spiritual point of view. Martin Seligman highlights the importance of focusing on your natural stre ...


Boost Your Memory

Do you have trouble remembering a telephone number or a person’s name? Has your memory taken a turn for the worse as you have aged? What is memory, anyway? Memory can be thought of as the connectio ...