Games that build skills for kids

Too often parents and children can feel powerless in the face of ADHD. MyBrainSolutions for Parents puts families back in control by empowering both parents and kids.

First, an objective and robust assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses gives parents the clearest possible picture of their child’s brain function in a way that’s easy to understand.

Then a tailored program of skill building games unites parents with their children as they work together, building and strengthening skills for the classroom, playground, home and life.

The kid’s brain training platform, PoweringUp, builds a child’s confidence by rewarding and recognizing their ongoing achievement in improving attention, focus, memory, concentration and social skills.

Parents can interact every step of the way, tracking their child’s progress on MyBrainSolutions for Parents as well as being able to reward their child’s achievements.

Backed by the world’s largest brain database and the proven science of MyBrainSolutions, this is a new approach to ADHD management that puts families back in control and kids in the winner’s circle.

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