Master Your Stress

Stress Mastery requires you to Know your brain and Train new brain habits by regulating how four underpinning key processes of Thinking, Emotion, Feeling and Regulation affect you.

Your brain’s 85 billion neurons have evolved to minimize danger to first and foremost keep you safe. Attuning to negativity and magnifying threat is part of that strategy of being safe. Negativity is natural. It is going to happen. This bias to negative is hard wired: we have 5 times as many networks automatically triggering threat, and magnifying it to some degree to keep safe, than we have positive networks.

What is stress?

Stress is your automatic over-reaction to Threat.  Having a gap between your unrealistic expectations and your reality can further magnify stress.

Stress reduction requires:

  • Awareness of this bias to negativity
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Switching from negative to positive in the moment

Learn more about Mastering Your Stress in this webinar by Dr. Evian Gordon.


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