Help your employees develop resilient brain habits with a fun approach to brain health.

A fun approach that works.

Traditional approaches to mental health are reactive and stigmatized and only reach a fraction of employees that need them as a result.

Highly stressed employees are naturally attracted to MyBrainSolutions and show signi cant improvements from training. In one example, when medical claims costs savings and productivity improvements were analyzed, an ROI of over 10:1 was observed.

One provider for all new brain habits including Resilience, Mindfulness, and Cognition.

Mindfulness Meditation

Practice meditation and relaxation techniques to calm the brain and body during times of stress.

Happy Seeker

Train your awareness of positive emotional cues in your environment.

Thought Tamer

Utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tactics to shift negative into flexible, positive thinking.

Memory Maze

Exercise your attention and working memory skills to think more clearly and flexibly.

A Validated Assessment To Quantify Brain Health:

The MyBrainSolutions Assessment objectively measures brain health and personalizes a training program matched to each employee’s scores.

Brain health reports can be downloaded and shared with EAP professionals.

Aggregate outcome reports demonstrate how your employees improve on the validated assessments with their training.

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Help your stressed employees.