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Monthly Posts Results: "October 2011"

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New app to reduce stress

Did you know that you could decompress and de-stress by consciously focusing on your breathing to slow it down? And that in turn would optimize your heart rate? Well, practicers of yoga have known this as have their teachers who by trial and error have maintained health through relaxation techniques.

Read the article about MyCalmBeat here.

Our very own Brain Resource vice president of product marketing, Savannah DeVarney, was interviewed by Natasha Baker from Reuters on the stress reduction and mental focus benefits of MyCalmBeat.

New app aims to reduce stress with slow breathing.
By Natasha Baker

TOKYO | Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:40pm EDT

(Reuters) – Want to reduce stress and improve mental focus? A new app that promotes slow breathing may help.

Called MyCalmBeat, the app uses a heart rate monitor that attaches to the ear to detect a person’s optimal breathing rate, or resonant frequency, which is unique to each person.

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Medgadget writer Brian Klein talks about the launch of MyCalmBeat.

Medgadget is an independent journal of the latest medical gadgets, technologies and discoveries, written, edited and published by a group of MDs and biomed engineers.

MyCalmBeat Stress Reduction Monitor Introduced

by BRIAN KLEIN on Oct 5, 2011

In a new blog by CNN contributor Amanda Enayati, the stress relief technique of biofeedback is examined and explained. MyCalmBeat, produced by Brain Resource, stands out as a product that can optimize your heart rate variability using guided breathing techniques.

Enayati writes, “…I found the visual of rhythmically expanding and deflating lungs helpful to follow along with. (MyCalmBeat also has apps for most smartphones.)”

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