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Optimize your Brain on the go with Brain Training Solutions for your cell phone. Browse the currently available cell phone applications below, and start Training no matter where you are.

MyCalmBeat for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android

MyCalmBeat Training allows you to optimally decrease your stress and increase your focus through slow breathing. Track your training, and monitor your calmness levels over time.

e-Catch The Feeling training for iOS

Positive feelings have a flow-on effect that make you feel better and notice positive things around you. Tuning in to positive more than negative feelings will enhance your overall wellbeing and happiness.

e-Faces and Names training for iOS and Android

Boost your social skills by mastering your ability to accurately remember people's names, faces and occupations.

e-Think Memory for Blackberry

Sharpen your memory on the go with e-Think Memory, a challenging memory game designed to test your ability to remember and match the location of various cards.

e-Think Balance for Blackberry

On-the-go training to enhance your selective and alternating attention capacities by training to hold your focus while simultaneously attending to other tasks that affect your goal.

e-Positive Spin for iOS

Positive feelings enhance your wellbeing and happiness, yet we naturally tune in more to Negative than Positive feelings. Training your associations with Positive feelings will help optimize your wellbeing.


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