Science Summary

By tuning in to Positive feelings you can create a cycle of positivity, and this cycle enhances health and wellbeing (1). We have a natural tendency to become locked in to negative feelings, while positive feelings can be fleeting. Noticing positive things around you tune more into your positive feelings, and create the cycle of positivity (2,3). With training, this cycle may become automatic, and enhance your experience of happiness.

1. Fredrickson BL (2000). Cultivating positive emotions to optimize health and well-being. Prevention & Treatment, 31, 1-25.

2. Wadlinger H, Isaacowitz DM. Positive affect broadens visual attention to positive stimuli. Motivation and Emotion. 2006;30:89–101.

3. Xing C, Isaacowitz DM. Aiming at happiness: How motivation affects attention to and memory for emotional information. Motivation and Emotion. 2006;30:243–350

Self Regulation Skills
Positivity-Negativity Bias


Social Capacity

Feeling Skills
Stress Level

Anxiety Level

Depressed Mood Level

Thinking Skills
Sustained Attention


Controlled Attention


Executive Function

Processing Speed

Recall Memory

Working Memory

Motor Coordination