A validated neuropsychological test in 30 minutes.

Our validated brain health assessment delivers standard neuropsych and psychological assessments through a software program that automatically collects and scores responses and reaction times.


Cost-Effective & Reliable Insights, Delivered Rapidly.

Within 3 minutes of assessment completion, a full report is delivered to your patient portal (or straight to your EMR). Download sample report with Addiction Insights Report (other conditions available).

Guide Clinical Decision Making.

Condition-specific report modules are available to help support your diagnostic decisions and treatment planning. Download sample report with Addiction Insights Report (other conditions available).


Facilitate Patient Recovery & Monitor Progress.

A personalized set of emotional and cognitive exercises for each patient are used daily to improve brain health skills while you monitor each patient's progress from your clinician dashboard.

Centralized patient tracking and administration.

You'll receive a clinical dashboard for administering patient access and monitoring their progress.


Case Study

250 patients from multiple addiction treatment sites took the brain health assessment before and after treatment, which including brain training exercises on MyBrainSolutions. Percentiles are in comparison with a standardized database of healthy age, gender and education matched peers. Results from this study show significant improvements for core domains of brain function including feeling, emotion and self-regulation in addition to the sub-domains of self-regulation: positivity-negativity bias, resilience & social skills.

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