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Chairman's Message:
Growth, Investment and Sales Optimization

Our first mover advantage traction now warrants expansion of Brain Resource's U.S. Sales and Marketing Team to capitalize on the growing opportunities for 2011/12.

The markets for clinical, employer and consumer products have gone mainstream. Our company is leading what has become a global brain race.

We have put ourselves ahead of our competitors with our technology, our database and our products. Our differentiation is to focus on whole brain dynamics and empower users to improve their brain health and themselves.

The recent escalation in our traction is because we are making the complex, simple, engaging, fun and useful. This is achieved without compromising the scientific integrity. And we will continue to make our products even simpler, as we now propel our products direct to consumers.

Brain Resource's innovation has attracted one of the world's largest institutional asset management firms, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group ($29.9 Billion in assets), to make a timely and game changing investment in our company.

The $10 million investment funds affiliated with Och-Ziff Capital Management Group is another independent endorsement of Brain Resource, reinforced by a growing number of testimonials from our product user groups - Fortune 100 corporate clients, clinician users and general public consumers.

The growing Brain Resource user base and revenue growth should begin to translate into engagement with the U.S. investor network, further aided by our recent listing on OTC in the U.S. (Read more in this Newsletter).

This confluence of outcomes has led to the expansion of our U.S. based sales and marketing resources to capture these fast emerging opportunities. We have been most fortunate in being able to attract an 'A-Team' in a relatively short period, – people totally aligned with the demands of winning the brain race. We are pleased to introduce them in this Newsletter.

This shift from product development to sales and marketing is a tipping point milestone for all of us here at Brain Resource Ltd. We are winning by focusing our efforts and resources on key aligned sales, market and product opportunities. Your support and that of our incredibly hardworking teams in San Francisco and Sydney are what is making the difference. Thank you!

Please contact me with your feedback or ideas at: investor@brainresource.com

Yours sincerely, Evian Gordon. Chairman, Brain Resource Ltd.



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