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Latest news on our Brain Training Platform - MyBrainSolutions

Independent market analysis by SharpBrains has estimated the global 'digital brain health and fitness software training' market will be worth US$4bn market by 2015. The SharpBrains 2010 report named Brain Resource as a market leader in both the Health Care and Employer sectors and the only leader in the Employer space.

MyBrainSolutions sales traction is driven by three differentiators all bought together into 1 website:

A 30 minute web assessment to Know your brain scores and receive a personalized training pathway to improve it. 
Engaging and fun games, videos and interactive tools to create new more effective brain habits by Training your brain and achieving personally meaningful goals. 
Self Optimize by Knowing and Training new habits, to be more adaptive and purposeful.

Adoption, Sales and Marketing Updates:

MyBrainSolutions has over 2 million uses by over 50,000 unique users.
MyBrainSolutions' appeal and 'stickiness" is illustrated by users amassing more than 120 million brain points (~ 7 million minutes of training), a reflection of the high "engagement" rates seen with MyBrainSolutions. All pointing to the fact that MyBrainSolutions genuinely works!
8 corporate employers using MyBrainSolutions as part of their workplace wellness programs, covering more than 110,000 U.S. based employees.
Leading employer partners include Nationwide, Accenture, Astra Zeneca and Cisco.
Employee population engagement rates for MyBrainSolutions consistently reaching over 10%, with some companies surpassing 20%. Employees indicate they learn about MyBrainSolutions either through employee communication or by referrals from colleagues.
Scientifically validated and published results demonstrated a 14% improvement in workplace productivity based on a study of 5,000 employees who trained on MyBrainSolutions for approximately 2.5 hours over 30 days.
MyBrainSolutions first 'up-sell' product is now being sold to Employers and direct to Consumers – MyCalmBeat (available through www.MyCalmBeat.com). See three minute video on “How To Use MyCalmBeat” here.

New MyBrainSolutions Product: MyCalmBeat

MyCalmBeat is the simplest and most effective tool to reduce your stress. It uses an ear clip heart rate monitor to:

Calculate the 1 and only breathing rate where You are most calm.
Train at your best breathing rate to reduce stress (train on your mobile phone or computer).
Objectively track your improvements to manage stress in any situation.


By breathing at your personal best breathing rate, you can improve your ability to remain calm while under pressure. Watch a brief video demonstration here.


MyCalmBeat training is available as a free mobile app for iPhone, iPad Android and BlackBerry enable training "on the go" in any setting – with links to purchase the product and gain the "personalized benefit" that requires the product.


A marketing campaign has begun for MyCalmBeat. This campaign will evolve over time depending on the ROI of a range of digital and traditional marketing channels. MyCalmBeat is strategically sold via MyBrainSolutions to increase membership sales and leverage marketing to the growing MyBrainSolutions user base.

'Evidence–based' marketing to optimize spend and sales

The team is systematically deploying and testing new marketing solutions for MyBrainSolutions (and now MyCalmBeat) to consumers by leveraging product feedback from existing customer experiences and performance analytics from existing marketing campaigns. Recent updates include:

Deployment of a Search Engine Optimization Marketing campaign through Google for both MyBrainSolutions and MyCalmBeat.

Email targeted boost templates that enable regular outreaches to our growing user base. The most recent email featured the 'Thought Challenger' brain training game. MyBrainSolutions email campaign results have consistently been greater than industry averages.

Changing from a 'Freemium' to a 'Trialware' business model resulted in strong uptake of sign-up and payment following a 3-day trial of all premium features.




The San Francisco team is currently developing further marketing initiatives based on learnings to date with input from experienced digital marketing leaders in the Silicon Valley. Brain Resource is now equipped to aggressively deploy optimized marketing with ROI models.


Consolidation and Additions to our Brain Resource Sales and Marketing team in San Francisco

Phil Dixon was a long-term employee of Apple, including roles as Director of IT worldwide for Apple Computer and also the Head of the Apple Leadership Development and Management Development group. Since leaving Apple, he has been one of the most sought after executive coaches in Silicon Valley. Phil specializes in the areas of Leadership and Management Development, Organizational Change and Development, and Executive Coaching.


New U.S. public relations company engaged

Brain Resource has recently teamed up with Edelman Public Relations in the United States to help form a strategic and aggressive marketing plan that will drive market awareness of Brain Resource's initiatives and encourage adoption of Brain Resource products. Edelman is the world's largest independent public relations firm, with offices in 54 cities and 4,000 employees worldwide. It was recently named Advertising Age's top-ranked PR firm of the decade and PRWeek's "2011 Large PR Agency of the Year." 

Expanded digital product co-development with industry leading company

Brain Resource is collaborating with AVANT to maintain existing technologies and create our evolving interactive product offerings including MyCalmBeat, www.mybrainsolutions.com, and Clinical Solutions portals. AVANT is a leading multidisciplinary digital solutions and product team specializing in creating compelling experiences for the web, mobile, desktop and TV; as well as incubating new brands and technology products. Founded by Michael Kemper, the AVANT team is based in San Francisco.

Over the last 15 years, Kemper has directed marketing, interactive design and product development initiatives in every industry vertical for some of the world's largest companies. His award-winning work has also been featured on FOX News, Forbes, MSN, Nature Magazine, Adobe Labs as well as technology conference showcases at Adobe MAX, Microsoft MIX, Flashforward and Microsoft WPC. AVANT works very closely with the Brain Resource San Francisco team on a daily basis.



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